Prepare for PG&E and Southern California Edison power outages. They can last several days.

Have light. Charge your phone. Solar charge high-performance batteries.

The InteliEnergy Rechargeable Smart Lamp. An American-engineered lamp you need when the power is out – and will use when the power is on. 


The Smart Lamp is not an emergency light. It’s an everyday lamp – even during power outages. The Smart Lamp uses high-voltage, rechargeable LFP batteries that can be charged by AC Plug-in and Solar. LFP batteries are fast-charging, can be recharged thousands of times, and have the power to charge USB devices. 

Look at what you get:

The portable Smart Rechargeable Table Lamp is available in 4 colors: Lime, Yellow, Aqua or White. It has bright light, long-lasting LEDs with 3 settings.


High setting is similar to a 60w bulb. Medium is like a 40w bulb and Low is equivalent to 25w. The Smart Lamp will last 4 hours on High and up to 18 hours on Low.


Features include:

  • USB port for charging your phone or tablet.
  • 2-Hour Timer
  • Universal Battery Charger. Recharge AA batteries for flashlights, remote controls or your computer’s mouse.


Package Includes:

  • Rechargeable Smart Lamp
  • Long-lasting Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) AA Batteries
  • 5W Heavy-Duty, Tempered Glass Solar Panel
  • 15-foot Solar Panel Cable
  • High-efficiency AC Power Supply
  • Wall-Mount Bracket with Hardware
  • Removable Lamp Shade Visor


$98.25 each

Free Shipping!

American Made

Using the Smart Lamp

Watch a few easy-to-view videos of product, function and technology information from the inventor & founder.

You’ll see why we call it the Smart Lamp.

CHAPTER 1: Smart Lamp Operation

CHAPTER 2: USB Device Charging

CHAPTER 3: Charging with Solar Power

CHAPTER 4: Powering with a Smart Cable

CHAPTER 5: Installing Batteries

CHAPTER 6: Charging Batteries

Why is the lamp smart?

Smart Technology. Smart Functionality. Smart Features.


Smart Technology.

  • Patented, Fast Solar Charge
  • Self-Identifies Battery Type
  • Mixed-Battery Recharging Protection
  • It’s also a Universal Battery Charger.


Smart Functionality.

  • The ergonomic design makes it portable to carry.
  • Swivel Arm rotates and the Lamp Shade Tilts to direct lighting.
  • The suppled Wall-Mount allows the Table Lamp to be positioned higher on a wall.


Smart Features.

  • No-Fail, Finger Touch Controls like your smart phone.
  • Indicator Lights provide function and status information.
  • Built in 2-Hour Timer.

Where are Fire Threats?

The California PUC outlined fire conditions shown on the Fire Threat Map.


This map shows Tier 2 or Elevated Threat Areas in orange. And Tier 3 or Extreme Threat Areas in red.


Threat Areas with specific wind have a higher likelihood of a PG&E or Sothern California Edison Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). 

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